Determinants of Regional Political Distinctiveness


Cartrite, Britt, and Dan Miodownik. 2016. “Determinants of Regional Political Distinctiveness.” Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 22 (2): 119-148.
Determinants of Regional Political Distinctiveness


Scholarly research exploring the phenomenon of regional distinctiveness in Europe, since at least the 1960s, has generated a variety of competing theories to explain the phenomenon, including the following: the persistence of linguistic distinctiveness; the impact of economic distinctiveness; and remoteness. Often these studies operationalize “regional distinctiveness” in different ways, impeding the evaluation of different types of theories against one another. This study develops a novel measure for regional distinctiveness, applied to 161 regions in 11 European countries from 1990–2014, and demonstrates that language, economics, and remoteness work through regional parties to generate regional political distinctiveness, while only linguistic distinctiveness also has a direct effect on such distinctiveness.

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